Elopements and Small Weddings

055_SBP170614Elopement Weddings in Scotland

Elopements are increasing in popularity and I find myself shooting a handful each year.  Scotland is an ideal location for an elopement wedding.  Forget Gretna Green, and imagine getting married in an iconic Scottish castle, an ancient woodland glen with beautiful scenery and wildlife, or a tranquil and unspoilt beach.  A true elopement is an adventure and gives couples a freedom that a large traditional wedding just can’t.  And where better than Scotland for getting away from it all.


Now, before you start packing there are some practicalities.  Impulsive as you may be feeling – you can’t just turn up!  A notice of intent to marry must be obtained along with all the required documentation.  However, it is possible and easy for foreign nationals to have a legal civil wedding in Scotland.

Why Elope?

My clients that elope do so for many reasons, some like travel and adventure, whilst others just can’t picture themselves centre stage at a big wedding, some don’t like the idea of spending a fortune on a traditional wedding day, then there are the romantics that just can’t wait to get married!  Sometimes my elopees’ have no family in this country, or they may have too big a family in this country!  Whatever your reasons, if you think a Scottish elopement wedding could be for you, speak to me.

Here are some of the Elopements and Small Weddings I have shot throughout Scotland: