Scottish Elopement Photography

Elopements are increasing in popularity and I find myself shooting more and more each year.  Scotland is an ideal location for an elopement wedding.  Forget Gretna Green, and imagine getting married in an iconic Scottish castle, an ancient woodland glen with beautiful scenery and wildlife, or a tranquil and unspoilt beach.  

Escape to Scotland for a different kind of wedding…

A true elopement is an adventure and gives couples a freedom that a large traditional wedding just can’t, and where better than Scotland for getting away from it all.


Why Elope?

My clients that elope do so for many reasons, some like travel and adventure, whilst others just can’t picture themselves centre stage at a big wedding, some don’t like the idea of spending a fortune on a traditional wedding day, then there are the romantics that just can’t wait to get married!  Sometimes my elopees’ have no family in this country, or they may have too big a family in this country!  Whatever your reasons, if you think a Scottish elopement wedding could be for you, speak to me.

Some Ideas for Locations


You can choose to marry anywhere you like in Scotland so the choices are endless. Maybe you dream of getting married on a white sandy beach on Harris, or a remote mountaintop on Skye. The wild Highlands of Scotland are another popular choice or you might like the idea of eloping to historic St Andrews or Edinburgh. Whatever your dream wedding you will want some beautiful photos to remind you of the day and show to your friends and family back home.



Where can I get married outside in SCotland?

Scottish law allows couples to marry anywhere, even outdoors, as long as the ceremony is conducted by a religious official, registrar or a non-religious Humanist Society Scotland celebrant.

Can you suggest locations?

I know it can be difficult planning a wedding, especially from a distance. I have shot all over Scotland and am happy to give  you some ideas.

How long can we book you for?

Its totally up to you! It depends on how many locations you want to shoot in. I have done elopmenent shoots from 2 hours – 6 hours.


I have a selection of different packages depending on how long you would like me with you. Please get in touch for a full pricelist.



Aikwood Tower Wedding Photography- David and Kaye

Aikwood Tower Wedding Photography- David and Kaye

David and Kaye were very keen for their Aikwood Tower wedding photography in the Scottish Borders  to be very personal to them so Kaye chose to do her own hair and make up, they made their own food and had a lovely intimate wedding surrounded by close friends (with...

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Balfour Castle Elopement – Daniel and Kathryn

Balfour Castle Wedding Photography When Kathryn first contacted me from Australia about their wedding at Balfour Castle on Shapinsay, I had no idea what to expect having never been to The Orkney Islands before. Lets just say its the first time I have ever got a water...

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St Andrews elopement photography – Tim and Catherine

St Andrews elopement photography - I shoot a lot of elopements throughout Scotland every year and love how I get to spend lots of time with the couple. Tim and Catherine travelled over from Australia to get married in Scotland.  Tim is a professional golfer and so St...

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Scottish Elopement Photography – Sarah and Gabriel

Sarah and Gabriel chose the stunning setting of The Hermitage in Perthshire as the location of their intimate wedding ceremony. They travelled over with a few family members and planned the wedding as part of a longer trip round Scotland. Everyone got ready at...

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Scottish Elopement Photography – Janine and Alex on Skye

Janine and Alex's Skye elopement featured a first for me. A wedding on a sailing yacht! Now having shot weddings though Scotland for a while I know that you can plan so much of the day but the one thing you can't rely on is the weather. I arrived at Duisdale House to...

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