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Pre-Wedding Shoot on the farm – Richard and Inge

Last week Richard and Inge came in to see me for their wedding planning meeting and pre-Wedding shoot. I am so lucky that my studio is based on our family farm and I have over 500 acres to play with for pre-wedding shoots. I love this time of year as things are just starting to grow again. Everything has just started turning green, the lambs are running round the fields and the daddodils are looking AMAZING!

Really looking forward to shooting their wedding at Blair Castle in May!

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  1. Amanda

    Wow, these seems amazing… U know my Fiance and I met 3 years ago at St andrews (Both us are Chinese), and we made a plan back there before our wedding at May 2012, we want to take some pixs to memorize our love (especailly in st andrews…the beach, the castle..)so I just want to ask could you serve pre-wedding shoot for us? Could you pls send me one rate card or sth that we may then have a detail talk and make a reservation…..Cheers…


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