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Mat and Louise – Wedding Photography at Drumtochty Castle

Last week saw me back at the gorgeous Drumtochty Castle for Mat and Louise’s Wedding. A stunning sunny day but memories of winter not too far away as there was still a lot of snow on the ground.  Louise was remarkably calm and relaxed in the morning, even having time for tea and sandwiches.  The piles of snow around made some of the shots down at the loch slightly more challenging, but Louise was well prepared with her fur lined boot.  To be honest I am sure they were delighted to have a bit of snow about as they are both keen boarders!!  Enjoy the honeymoon in Switzerland and see you when you get back……


  1. Sally

    Great work. I was just looking at my google adwords and it sugested a few – your name was one of them!! Curiuosly just had a look at your blog!! Love the first image in the mirror. Sally

  2. Ian Johnson

    very nice Suzanne I love drumtochty castle weddings -ian


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