Pre Wedding shoots

In the run up to your wedding it is always lovely to meet in person.  Many of my clients come to my studio for a coffee and a chat.  If you live a little too far away or you are overseas we can skype. 

It’s always important for me to get a chance to get to know you a little, to understand your tastes and exactly what you expect from your wedding photographer.  You may have mapped everything out to the very last detail or you may be feeling overwhelmed and undecided.  Either way, let’s talk, weddings are very personal and I want to tell the story of your day in a way that accurately reflects you as a couple.

Many of my clients choose to have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot.  When I first meet my clients they often say that they feel uncomfortable being photographed, that they are un-photogenic, that they never like pictures of themselves.  A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity to fix all of these worries.   It’s a chance for you to get used to me photographing you and if you need it I can give you tips to help you be more comfortable in front of the camera.