I love to shoot portraits. Many of my wedding clients come back once they have family and its great to keep that connection with them.  Most of my portraits are done on or around the farm or on location (like on a beach)

In my portraits I always strive to capture the expression, personality and the mood of the people I photograph.

Family portraits are really fun.  I know it’s tempting to just have your children photographed whilst you watch the other side of the lens but it’s always more fun when mum and dad are included.  I know that as adults we often just see our flaws when we look at photographs of ourselves but your children just see mum and dad.  Remember, you are documenting your own family history, creating keepsakes not only for yourselves but also for your children and as adults they will really treasure these images of you and them together.

I find that if I engage my families in play it creates a relaxed environment and provides some fun too!   This approach allows for you all to relax in front of camera so that I can take natural images of you as you are. My job is to capture those little smiles, giggles, looks,  and expressions in a split second.

No-one will be asked to say ‘cheese’ as I don’t want stiff images of families with tight smiles.  I want to give you beautiful images of you and your family that you will be thrilled with.

When it comes to how you want to keep your images it’s entirely up to you.  I have a lovely selection of modern contemporary styles of wall frames, canvases and albums.  Or you can choose to have a selection of prints or some files.  I have lots of samples in my studio for you to leaf through.