Newborn Portraits

After nine long months of waiting, your beautiful baby arrives and time suddenly seems to speed up. Before you know it your sleepy newborn is a giggling baby then an adventurous toddler.

My newborn photography session aims to capture those precious first days with their soft downy skin and exquisite features.  The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first 14 days from birth, when the baby is still very sleepy and ‘curly’ from being in the womb.

The utmost care is always taken, I will create a warm and comfortable environment and the baby will be very gently positioned. Generally babies sleep contentedly throughout. 

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When should I book?

We recommend that you book your newborn baby photography session when you are still pregnant, ideally after the 20 week scan. When booking a date for the session we will provisionally ‘pencil in’ a day and time but this will be finalized after the baby arrives

How long does a session last?

With newborn sessions we are very much lead by the baby and things are done around them. We allow plenty of time to settle, feed, change. I say to allow 3-4 hours.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions generally take place in the studio. There are full changing facilities and a lovely space for you to relax with a cuppa during sessions. I have my full stock of blankets and wraps available in studio. I occaisionally will do “at home” sessions on request.  

what is your Pricing?

The session fee is £95 in studio or £150 on location. You will then have a choice of products to purchase at your ordering session.

For my full pricing click “get in touch” below.