How I approach weddings

It’s your day, and I want to photograph it naturally capturing all the important moments.  My goal is to tell the story of your wedding day in as unobtrusive a manner as possible, photographing the special moments that you will treasure forever. To move around your wedding capturing those special moments as they occur whether it’s the look on a groom’s face when he first sees his bride, a joke shared between a bride and her father or children playing on the dancefloor.  It is my job to shoot the wedding you experience, and to show you the little bits that you may have missed.

I will take stunning images that will take your breath away as they instantly transport you back to a specific moment from your wedding day.    After all, these images will be treasured for the rest of your lives.  Once the magic of the wedding is over, it will be the photographs of the day that you will turn to time and again to relive those moments.

I want you to enjoy your day, to be free to give your guests your full attention.  I don’t want to be pulling you away from them, I don’t want to keep stopping your wedding so you can pose for contrived shots.  I want to photograph your day as it unfolds.  Moving around your wedding relatively unnoticed, capturing your day as you experience it, and the odd little quirks that you may miss!


Of course they’ll be group shots that you’ll want and I’ll do those, I’ll do them quickly and naturally, and I will shoot you and your guests relaxed, happy and looking fabulous (no awkward line ups!)

Let me tell the story of your wedding day through beautiful timeless photographs.