Family Portraits

Every single family is different and that is a good thing. Family photography is something of a documentary; it reveals the unique dynamics of a family capturing the relationships and personalities that define them.

The best time for a family photo session is always ‘today’ – don’t wait until the baby is sleeping better or the toddler is easier or you have more time. The purpose of it is to capture the beauty in the everyday moments of life. It’s tempting to just have your children photographed whilst you watch the other side of the lens but it’s always more fun when mum and dad are included.  I know that as adults we often just see our flaws when we look at photographs of ourselves but your children just see mum and dad – the people they love most in the world.  Remember, you are documenting your own family history, creating keepsakes not only for yourselves but also for your children and as adults they will really treasure these images of you and them together.

I especially enjoy doing family photo sessions outside either on the farm that surrounds my studio or at a location that holds a special meaning for the family. It provides plentiful opportunities for fun and easy interactions whether jumping in puddles, exploring woods or just holding hands walking along a beach. My aim is not for perfect smiles and poses but for fun and intimate glimpses into your family.


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How long is a session?

I normally set aside a couple of hours for a location family session. It gives me time to have a coffee and chat when I arrive before scouting some good locations. The actual shoot normally takes about 60 minutes.

Where do the sessions take Place?

I do a lot of family session on location either here on the farm, at your home or somewhere you enjoy spending time as a family.

Do you do family sessions in the studio?

Yes the studio is large enough to do family groups.

What is your pricing?

The session fee is £65 in studio or £95 on location.  You will then have a choice of products to purchase at your ordering session.

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