About me

I have been working as a photographer for over ten years now, predominantly shooting weddings in beautiful Scotland though I also shoot weddings further afield.  I work from my studio, which is situated on our family farm in the middle of the North Fife countryside.  It’s a beautiful spot particularly for me as I enjoy the outdoor life.  Whether its flying small aircraft, hill walking or ski-ing.  I’m barely ever still.  When I’m not working I often grab my camera and head out over the hills or I head to the beach.  I absolutely love the sea and I’m happiest when walking across the un-spoilt beaches on the West Coast of Scotland.  On these trips I am always accompanied by my slightly hyper Labrador ‘Darcy’.   In fact Darcy rarely leaves my side, particularly on days I work in the studio, she curls up in her bed next to the log burning stove and watches me work. I really enjoy travelling and have spent time in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  Food is another great love of mine, whether it’s eating out in a great restaurant or getting creative in the kitchen.  I grow my own vegetables on the farm so I don’t always have to go far for my ingredients.  My signature dish is a perfect Thai curry (I went all the way to Thailand to learn how to make it!) I feel very lucky to be able to earn my living doing something I love.